About Us

About Charles J. Winston, Inc.

Charles J. Winston, Inc. (CJWI) is a Florida corporation in the business of manufacturing, designing and wholesaling jewelry. 

First incorporated in 1981 in New York, the company moved to Florida in 1994. The firm’s founder, Charles J. Winston is also the CEO and Chairman of the Board as well as the lead designer.

The company is very focused on bringing the looks of exquisite fine jewelry at a price affordable to most.

In 1994 Charles Winston developed his first “Affordable Fine Jewelry” collection, made in sterling silver and cubic zirconia aka CZ and simulated as well as synthetic gemstones.

The company has been a top performing concept show on several TV shopping networks around the world including, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia and New Zealand since 1994 through present (not all countries are still running the shows.)

In 2010, Charles J. Winston, Inc. in conjunction with Charles & Colvard, Ltd. entered into an agreement whereas Charles Winston would design, merchandise and be the spokesperson for his designs using their stone, Moissanite. While this was not an exclusive agreement (allowing Charles J. Winston, Inc. and Charles Winston) the right to continue creating and selling all CJWI’s other product offerings, the Moissanite concept has been very successful for CJWI and the retailers that carry the brand created and presented by Charles Winston.

At CJWI, we are very environmentally conscious using only recycled metals as well as laboratory grown stones using eco-friendly ingredients. Our factories are subject to surprise inspections by our QA team and or Underwriters Laboratories. (UL) While these inspections include quality control, inspection of merchandise prior to shipping but more importantly they’re also checking for safety, health and human rights compliance.

There’s great pride in knowing that our products have been shipping to our customers 100% complete, 100% on time with a 99.999% QA pass rate. Thanks to our award winning customer service department, which insures the end consumer is happy with their purchase after the sale follow up, our customer retention rate is second to none.

Charles J. Winston, Inc. has been in business since 1981, relying on the generations of family tradition of delivering quality, value and dreams!

The Collections of Charles Winston 

“I am often asked if there is a common theme to be found in all of my collections.  The answer is absolutely, yes!  I take a common approach to jewelry creation whether I am working in silver, gold or platinum with CZ, Moissanite or diamonds. This approach involves three themes, which are each represented by a single question:


  • Emotion:  How will a woman feel when she puts on a piece of my jewelry?  Every woman is uniquely individual…with her own touch of flair.  In today’s world we are surrounded by outer beauty.  Pick up any fashion magazine and you’ll see pages and pages of beautiful celebrities and models wearing dazzling gems. Many times the theme of the ad is “you too can look like this.”  Charles Winston’s approach is to bring out the inner beauty of a woman by making her feel good on the inside first. That is why his tagline is “Jewelry for the Celebrity in You™”


  • Quality:  Will a woman be proud to wear my creation?  When you select a piece of Charles Winston jewelry you are getting a combination of cutting edge design, top quality materials and the ultimate in craftsmanship.  We use top quality rough material which is precision cut to bring the stones to life regardless of whether the stone is CZ, Moissanite or Diamond.  We rhodium plate the white metal, whether it is sterling silver or white gold, for protection and shine. And finally we use expert jewelers and diamond setters to physically construct, set and polish the item.


  • Value RatioWill a woman feel smart purchasing from my collections?  To be able to answer this question in the positive, we know we have to provide the market’s best combination of materials, design and craftsmanship for the consumers’ money.  Mr. Winston calls this “my value ratio.” He once stated, “In my jewelry collections I want to go all out to provide a magnificent look. I could make my entire collection for less money but it wouldn’t feel right. In diamonds it is important to use the right quality for the right piece.  Many designs using the very best diamonds would simply be overkill, in other words, you would be overpaying for the look.  I try to balance the stone quality with the overall look to bring you the best value for your money.”