The Brands of Charles Winston

Charles Winston for Bella Luce – This is an exclusive brand for Jewelry Television. It is created with ultra high quality cubic zirconia (CZ) and or lab-grown or simulated gemstones. It is created in the looks of the jewelry once reserved for the rich and famous. It is available in nickel-free sterling silver and bathed in either rhodium, a combination of rhodium and platinum or in gold plating over silver.


Diamonesque by Charles Winston – This is an exclusive brand for TVSN in Australia. They broadcast in Australia and New Zealand. Like the Bella Luce brand for JTV, it is Charles’ high quality CZ line in nickel-free sterling silver and plated in either rhodium or gold over sterling silver.


The House of Charles Winston – This is an exclusive brand for Gemporia, a television shopping network that broadcasts in the United Kingdom. This brand has two categories. The first is done in karat gold (9kt, 14kt or 18kt gold.). It features some of the best diamonds sold in the television shopping industry. The brand uses white and also colored diamonds. The second category is done in nickel-free sterling silver with genuine gemstones.


The Specialty Cuts developed by Charles Winston


The specialty cuts developed by Charles Winston are highly faceted gemstones that offer a uniqueness and fire and brilliance that is off the charts. The first signature cut is the Scintillant Cut®.


The Scintillant Cut® is available in many shapes. For example, the round Scintillant Cut® is approximately 114 facets, twice that of the modern round brilliant. However, it is also available in other shapes including marquise, emerald cut, octagon, trillion, pear and oval. The amount of facets is determined by the shape of the stone to maximize fire and brilliance.


The Scintillant Web Cut®is a decagon shape. It has 10 sizes and is approximately 71 facets. It was inspired by the beauty of the Asscher Cut but in a more round shape with 10 flat sides. The sparkle is very similar to the Asscher Cut, but a unique shape.